Day 54: The closest experience you've ever had to having your life flash before your eyes #100daychallenge

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I can name a few instances, but there's one experience in particular that came to mind when I read this prompt.

One day last Fall, I left work a little early because I was feeling a bit woozy and figured I just hadn't slept well or eaten enough. 

When I got to my apartment, I briefly let my pup out. We usually either go for a long walk or play fetch in the park for half an hour, but I really wasn't feeling up to it. Instead, I got into bed and she followed suit. It was 5 or 6 p.m. and I didn't wake up again until 10 a.m. the following workday.

When my eyes opened that morning, my first instinct was to reach across my bed to check the time on my phone, which sat on my bedside table. But I couldn't move.

My fingers tingled and I couldn't get myself to sit up for more than 10 minutes. When I tried to turn to my left to make it to the ground, I felt this excruciating pain down my back and every nerve on my body felt like it was on fire. I was burning up and I needed to make it to my phone to call for help.

It took me another 20 minutes to crawl toward the other side of the room because I was in so much pain. I couldn't stand upright and my fingers and toes were still tingling. Lady, my 1-year-old puppy, walked beside me, giving me kisses any time I cried out.

I finally made it to the right side of my bedroom. But just as I tried to lift up and get on my feet, I lost all feeling again and fell to the floor. Everything went dark and I remember feeling like I was still falling into open space. I didn't really see my family, but I distinctly remember hearing their voices. I think that lasted a few seconds, but it could have been longer. I have no idea. 

I woke up to Lady kissing all over my face in a bit of a panic and managed to gather the courage to pull myself up and make a call before things got worse. And I really believed they were going to get much, much worse. It was so weird. Nothing like that had ever happened to me before. I was convinced I'd just like died and came back to life, lol.

I intended to call 911 but instinctually called my mom crying, which in hindsight I probably shouldn't have done. She immediately rushed over to my apartment to rescue me and took me to the emergency room where it was discovered that I was dealing with Coccydynia, an inflammation of the tailbone.

Since then, I've learned to manage any pain and take preventative care to avoid another frightening episode. I use a cushion when I sit at work and try to take more walking breaks, stretch before I sleep and when I wake up (and before/after workouts), schedule massage therapy at least once a month and use pain medication as needed.

P.S. That incident really made me want to get a roommate/ask the guy I'd been on three dates with to move in with me. Thankfully, no rash decisions were made ;)

The #100daychallenge writing series is my way of holding my right brain accountable for all the brain fog in hopes that I'll learn to creatively organize my thoughts and learn something(s) new about myself in the process. The challenge includes prompts from the San Francisco Writers' Grotto's642 Things to Write About. You can also follow my #100daychallenge here.

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