Day 31: Google search your own name. Write about the search result that is the closest to your name but isn't you.


So I tried searching my full name (Fiza Pirani) but there doesn't appear to be another Fiza Pirani in the digital universe. So I stuck with my first name. But I already knew what I'd come across.

If any of you grew up on Bollywood like I (sort of) did, you'll probably remember the movie "Fiza." Or you won't. Because I really don't remember the plot or anything about it. All I remember is getting asked whether or not I was named after a movie that came out in 2000. The answer is no.

There was also this song in the movie that brown folks loved to sing to me anytime I introduced myself.

As you can probably tell by my flat-ass voice, I didn't really care for the film (or its inevitable association with my name). But I remember the storyline being quite out of the ordinary for the typical Bollywood romance films of the time. Here's a blurb from Wiki:

The film is about a girl Fiza (Karisma Kapoor), whose brother, Amaan (Hrithik Roshan), disappears during the 1993 Bombay riots. Fiza and her mother Nishatbi (Jaya Bachchan) desperately hold on to the hope that one day he will return. However, six years after his disappearance, Fiza, fed up with living with uncertainty, resolves to go in search of her brother. Driven by her mother Nishatbi's fervent hope and her own determination, Fiza decides to use whatever means she can—the law, media, even politicians—to find her brother, which brings her into contact with various characters and situations.

Spoiler alert: He was eventually reunited with his family. But when their mom found out that he was part of a *terrorist group*, she was devastated and died of suicide. He escaped again and eventually, everyone -- police, his own terrorist group -- turned against him. Fiza caught up to Amaan at the end, and as police closed in on the two, he begged her to kill him. She did. The end. Thanks, Wiki.

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