Day 9: That one time in Paris (an actual prompt) #100daychallenge

Note: This post is not a reflection of my actual writing skills, lol. 


So, I'm not really one for public outbursts of anger. I barely have vocal "outbursts" at all. My most lethal weapon is my passive aggressive energy and excruciating silence (I'm awful). BUT. This one time in Paris...

Sehar (my former college roommate and basically my sister) and I had a jam-packed day planned for the incredible city of Paris. After spending an amazing four(?) hours inside the Louvre, we headed outside to the pyramids for your typical tourist photoshoot.

I snapped a few photos of Sehar and then we switched. Our bags and jackets were sitting on a bench behind us.

As we were about to walk away, I couldn't find my sunglasses anywhere. I complained for a minute, some polaroid photographer convinced us to get some photos taken (Sehar, remind me to give you yours...) and then I got mad again. Guys, I don't know if I just hadn't eaten or what, but I was getting REALLY worried about my missing sunglasses. 

So I was like, "I need to check if I left them on the bench." And I like, ran. No, I sprinted. And when I got there, I see this guy like three times my height strutting around, wearing MY sunglasses. Again, I really needed some food or something, because I was about to lose it. Zero patience whatsoever.

So I'm all, "Uh dude, those are my sunglasses." And he's like, "Prouve le! Prouve le!" And I'm like "?????? You want me to prove it?!" Then he called me an American liar and said they were men's sunglasses.

Y'all. I never wear hoops but if I had them on...

Suddenly everyone outside the museum started watching our little fiasco and Sehar hesitantly walked over (she was really confused). I'm like yelling at the top of my lungs. He's yelling at the top of his lungs. And then I'm like WAIT I have proof. So I show him the selfie above, where I'm *clearly* wearing the sunglasses that HE HAS ON WHILE YELLING AT ME. 

And that's all it took. 

Anyway, I had such an adrenaline rush after that bizarre back-and-forth over a pair of damn sunglasses. Never again. Fun times, though. 

Sehar after reading this post:

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 10.59.35 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 11.01.10 PM.png

The #100daychallenge writing series is my way of holding my right brain accountable for all the brain fog in hopes that I'll learn to creatively organize my thoughts and learn something(s) new about myself in the process. The challenge includes prompts from the San Francisco Writers' Grotto's 642 Things to Write About. You can also follow my #100daychallenge here.

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