2018 wasn’t always good to me, but it was one of my most pivotal years yet. It opened me up to therapy and therapy advocacy. Rekindled my admiration for literature. Gave me a taste of love, however fleeting. Awarded me an opportunity to work on something I care deeply about in this fickle but indispensable industry. Forced me to acknowledge and overhaul any wasteful habits, from plastic overuse to excessive screen time. Tested my physical body and its will to push through pain. Flew my family and I to Spain and gave my parents the chance to enjoy the sweet European fruits of their labor for the very first time. Continued to remind me that while change is constant and people may only hold temporary roles in our lives, you gotta slow down and remember to tell folks how much you appreciate them. Here’s to another year of resilience, less social media, more travel, sweet puppy kisses and shameless selfies.